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An Argentine laboratory began producing vaccines in China

During the visit of President Mauricio Macri to China, where he met with different local companies, an Argentine company made an announcement: the plant that Biogénesis Bagó built in the eastern country, called Yangling JINHAI Biotechnology, recently received the certifications of ” Good Manufacturing Practices “of the Ministry of Agriculture of China, and obtained the necessary licenses to start producing and marketing the FMD vaccine for pigs and cattle. This makes Biogenesis Bagó the first foreign laboratory to produce in China.

China owns half of the world’s pig population (700 million) and twice Argentina’s cattle stock (110 million), with growing domestic market demand and still unable to solve certain diseases, such as foot-and-mouth disease, that limit Meat and milk production.
As a partner, Biogénesis Bagó brought the technology and knowledge it developed throughout its history in the framework of an industrial project that meets the highest international quality standards. In addition, it will help China to produce vaccines according to their respective circulating strains, something that was only possible with a plant in that country.
This fundamental step in the technological and business development of Biogénesis Bagó would not have been possible without the accompaniment of both governments; Which was achieved through the signing of specific cooperation agreements.
Among the most modern in the world
The JINHAI plant is located in the city of Yangling, Shaanxi Province, in the center of the Asian country, 70 km from Xian city, China’s first imperial capital. It is one of the most modern industrial developments in the world and has the latest technology in cell culture production, antigen purification and vaccine formulation. It emerged as a result of a joint venture between Biogenesis Bagó and the Chinese laboratory Hile Biotecnology Co, a private company that produces high technology vaccines for poultry and pigs.
The new Biogenesis Bagó plant involved an investment of approximately 60 million dollars and will have a production capacity of 400 million doses per year. As part of the technology transfer process, the company trained over the past four years a large part of the plant’s current operating staff.
“It is a huge achievement for the country to be able to export biotechnology and knowledge to the world’s largest market for foot-and-mouth disease vaccine. In addition, the agreement is an example of what cooperation between companies developing technology and innovation can achieve together to contribute to better nutrition, “said Hugo Sigman, shareholder of Biogénesis Bagó and CEO of the Insud Group.
The president of the Nation Mauricio Macri at the closing of the Forum of Business and Investment Argentina – China 2017 held in Beijing stressed that “the country has much to contribute to China in terms of food security and technology developments,” stating in this regard “Argentina plans to double food production in the next 5 to 8 years.”
Meanwhile, the Minister of Agro-industry Ricardo Buryaile was welcomed by his Chinese counterpart HAN Changfu, in which he reviewed the milestones of the last years of bilateral cooperation in areas such as biotechnology where they highlighted the association between both laboratories and the beginning of the Production of foot-and-mouth disease vaccine in JINHAI.
With this achievement, Biogénesis Bagó continues to consolidate its international expansion. Recently opened its commercial office in Shanghai and is exporting vaccines to Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam, in this way it takes the country to the border of knowledge and technology in this matter, a pride that shares with the institutions and organisms of animal health of Argentina .

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