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China’s FMD Vaccine is Now Made in a National Laboratory

The laboratory Biogenesis Bagó announced that it began to produce foot-and-mouth disease vaccine in China. It is worth remembering that for that purpose the firm had sealed a partnership with the Chinese company Hile Biotechnology.

Its plant, Yangling Jinhai Biotechnology Co, is located in Yangling City, Shaanxi Province.

In the plant, which has a production capacity of 400 million doses per year, US $ 60 million was invested.

Recently, the plant obtained the certifications of good manufacturing practices from the Ministry of Agriculture of China and the necessary licenses to start producing and marketing the FMD vaccine for pigs and cattle. Biogenesis Bagó is the first foreign laboratory to produce in China.

To emphasize, that country owns half of the world population of pigs (700 million) and double, with 110 million heads, of the bovine stock of Argentina.

“It is a tremendous achievement for the country to be able to export biotechnology and knowledge to the world’s largest market for foot-and-mouth disease vaccine, and the agreement is an example of what cooperation between technology and innovation companies can achieve together to contribute to better nutrition” , said Hugo Sigman, shareholder of Biogénesis Bagó and CEO of the Insud Group. The company comes from opening a commercial office in Shanghai.

During the visit of President Mauricio Macri to China, the Minister of Agroindustry of the Nation, Ricardo Buryaile, met with his counterpart Han Changfu and, among other topics, talked about bilateral cooperation in biotechnology and the production of vaccine Antiphosphate.

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