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The 2017 Flu Vaccine Campaign, through Sinergium

The 2017 influenza vaccine began to be distributed to the provinces in this year’s campaign and will be available in hospitals and public health centers throughout the country free of charge beginning in April, said the Minister of Health of the Nation, Jorge Lemus.

“This year we will have 2.5 million more influenza vaccines than last year, which represents a total of 12 million doses for the population at risk in all 24 jurisdictions,” Lemus told Télam during a visit to the plant Industrial company of Sinergium Biotech, that produces the vaccine in the country, located in the locality of Garín and part of the Insud Group, whose CEO is Hugo Sigman. He added that of that total dose, 9,500,000 are allocated to adults and 2,500,000 to children.

Lemus, who was accompanied by the ministers of Health of Cordoba, La Rioja, Misiones, Neuquén, Río Negro, Salta and Tucumán, said that producing the vaccine in the country is a pride. “We hope to make an effective campaign that reaches all those who are in groups at risk and who must be vaccinated every year because the strains of influenza are changing,” he explained. In that sense the undersecretary of Strategies of Care and Community Health, Jorge San Juan, detailed that the vaccine that immunizes against the flu this year contains the updated H3N2 strains, B and H1N1.

For this year we expect that there will be normal outbreaks of influenza, said the minister, who was confident that there will be no epidemic. The epidemiologist recommended the population to be vaccinated in the months of April and May.
If someone comes to get vaccinated in June of course we immunized, but we must take into account that the body needs a few days to react to the vaccine and be protected, so we call the population at risk to place the dose as soon as possible Possible, the official told Telam.

Influenza vaccine is part of the National Calendar and must be received every year by people at highest risk of complications: children between six and 24 months, pregnant in any trimester of pregnancy and postpartum until discharge from the maternity – at the most 10 days after delivery if they did not receive it during pregnancy -, recalled from the health portfolio.

Also, people aged between two and 64 years should receive the dose with heart, respiratory, chronic renal diseases, immunosuppression, diabetes and obesity, among others; Those over 65 and health personnel.
Sinergium Biotech is a product of private public cooperation in which the national production and the country’s leadership in the region are given strategic priority, Sigman said. He continued: During the influenza A (H1N1 2009) pandemic, it became clear that there is a need to have a production plant in Argentina. Therefore, in 2010 and in partnership with the Swiss company Novartis, the process of transfer of technology for the local production of influenza vaccines began.

In 2016, Sinergium also signed an agreement with Protein Sciences Corporation and Mundo Sano, with which it is working on the development of the zika vaccine, which is expected to be ready by 2020.

The entourage was made up of the ministers of Health of Córdoba, Francisco Fortuna; La Rioja, Judith Díaz Bazán; Neuquén, Ricardo Corradi Diez; Rio Negro, Luis Zgaib; Salta, Roque Mascarello, and Tucumán, Rossana Chahla, as well as members of the technical teams from Buenos Aires and the provinces of Buenos Aires, Catamarca, Corrientes, Misiones and Santa Fe.

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