Hugo Sigman

Hugo Sigman

Argentine entrepreneur Hugo Sigman is the founder and CEO of Grupo Insud, a holding group of companies owned by Argentine stakeholders that is committed to the development of the country with long-term projects. Jointly with his wife, Silvia Gold, in 1977 Sigman founded Chemo, a pharmaceutical laboratory whose main focus has always been research, development and production of medicines at more affordable costs for larger sections of the population, and which currently has operations in more than 40 countries.

With the consolidation of his first company, Sigman diversified his fields of activity.

The companies that are led today by Sigman operate in various industries, some of which are strategic, including: the production of pharmaceuticals, vaccines and biotechnology products for human and veterinary use; the creation of innovative treatments for cancer; the publishing of books and journalistic materials; the production of very successful films, and the development of agricultural and forestry activities in various regions of the country adhering to strict sustainable land and forest management practices. Sigman also invests in breakthrough projects, such as controlled caiman farming in Corrientes province, and the development of seeds designed to improve agriculture with major genetic advances.

Mundo Sano

Corporate Social Responsibility

In the field of Corporate Social Responsibility, Hugo Sigman and Grupo Insud companies are among the main sponsors of Mundo Sano, a nonprofit institution engaged in research, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of neglected diseases, mainly affecting the low-income sectors of society.

R&D+i Consortium

Scientific Activity

Hugo Sigman supports the Public-Private Research, Development and Innovation (R&D+i) Consortium to promote scientific research and development of products for the benefit of patients.


Hugo Sigman --Exeltis, the new global organization of Chemo

Exeltis is the Chemo group company of branded pharmaceutical business.

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