Hugo Sigman Companies

The companies that Hugo Sigman leads today as founder and CEO of Grupo Insud operate in a wide range of industries: life sciences, agroforestry, information & culture; nature & design.

The pharmaceutical industry is the Group’s original activity and the most important one. It represents 80% of its revenues and is made up by three business units:

1. Chemo, engaged in the production of raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry and generics, has 14 plants and 9 R&D Centers. It produces and markets APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) and finished dosage forms that are sold to more than 1,200 pharmaceutical companies around the world.

Fachada de la planta de Chemo, la empresa farmacéutica de Grupo Insud, ubicada en Guadalajara, España.

Chemo plant, Grupo Insud’s pharmaceutical company based in Guadalajara, Spain.

Leandro Sigman, Silvia Gold y Hugo Sigman en la fiesta por el Aniversario N°30 de Chemo.

Leandro Sigman, Silvia Gold y Hugo Sigman commemorating Chemo’s 30th anniversary.

2. Exeltis manufactures and sells its own branded medicines. It has plants in Argentina, Uruguay, Guatemala, Spain, India, Turkey and Indonesia, and has commercial operations in more than 40 countries. It specializes in pharmaceutical products for gynecology, obstetrics and respiratory health.

3. mAbxience is devoted to biotechnology, with a focus on research, development and production of biosimilars and the discovery of new products for cancer treatment. Biologicals are a major contribution to health, but are unaffordable due to their high cost: annual treatment ranges between 60,000 and 200,000 US dollars per patient. mAbxience produces biosimilars of the same quality and lower cost, once patents have expired. It has two plants: one in Argentina (the first monoclonal antibody production plant in Latin America) and another one in León, Spain.

Hugo Sigman en la inauguración de la planta pharmADN, la primera de América del Sur en producir anticuerpos monoclonales. En la inauguración, participaron directivos y empleados de la planta; Lino Barañao, ministro de Ciencia; Débora Giorgi, ministra de Industria; y Juan Manzur, ministro de Salud.

Hugo Sigman at the opening of pharmADN, the first plant in South America to produce monoclonal antibodies. At the opening ceremony, plant executives and directors met with Minister of Science Lino Barañao, Minister of Industry Debora Giorgi and Minister of Health Juan Manzur.