Commitment to innovation and the environment

For Hugo Sigman, the agricultural and forestry industry are no longer traditional primary activities: they use biotechnology, state-of-the-art machinery and highly skilled personnel.

The constant search for innovation is one of the pillars of Pomera Maderas, the forestry company of the Group devoted to the production of solid wood. In its nursery, the company produces clonal seedlings, rendering high genetic quality trees and highly productive forestations. It should be noted that the company certifies its forestry practices under the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®), the most demanding international certification to guarantee responsible forest management.

In the highly competitive agricultural and cattle-raising market, Sigman is the owner of Garruchos Agropecuaria, with fields located in strategic regions of Argentina. Its establishments are active in cattle raising with a strong emphasis on genetic quality. Farming activities are also conducted.

In the field of genetic improvement, Hugo Sigman is the owner of Los Murmullos, a cattle that rears and produces genetically enhanced roundups of the HerefordAngusBraford and Brangus breeds.

His passion led him to further commitments, and now Sigman is a shareholder of Bioceres, an Argentine biotech company focused on agricultural production. This young company developed a gene for growing wheat, corn and soybean plants that are resistant to draughts and soil salinity. The company has licensed its products to the USA, France and India.

El gobernador de Corrientes, Ricardo Colombi, Hugo Sigman y Ruben Kolln, director de Nuevos Negocios de Pomera, en la inauguración de la planta impregnadora de postes de última generación en Gobernador Virasoro, Corrientes.

Corrientes Governor Ricardo Colombi, Hugo Sigman and Ruben Kolln, New Business Director at Pomera, at the opening of the last-generation impregnated pole plant at Gobernador Virasoro, Corrientes.


hugo sigman-GCH-polled-Hereford-Palermo-2013

Hugo Sigman received the Grand Champion-Female prize for the Polled Hereford breed, at La Rural, 2013.