A sustainable quality experience

The diversity of Sigman’s interests reaches the areas of nature and design. Through Grupo Insud, Sigman is the owner of Puerto Valle, a boutique hotel in Corrientes Province, on the banks of the Paraná River, with exclusive access to the Iberá Wetlands.

Their innovative spirit led Sigman and Gold to found Solantu, a company that designs wooden pieces, which stands out for its sophistication and strong commitment to responsible forest management. All its objects and furniture pieces are made with native woods recovered from local forests. Solantu does not fell trees, but gives them a significant value-add with its exclusive designs on native woods of radal, cypress, lenga and petiribí, among others.


Related companies: strategic investments in energy and development

In partnership with various investors, Hugo Sigman has an equity share in Bioceres, a biotechnology company focused on research and development of genetically advanced seeds of wheat, soy, corn, sunflower and sorghum.

Through Grupo Insud, Sigman also has equity shares in Biogénesis-Bagó –the largest producer and exporter of vaccines for veterinary use, and the only company in the sector to have products approved for use in the event of appearance of foot-and-mouth disease in USA and Canada-, in  Elea –the third pharmaceutical company in terms of sales in Argentina-, and in Maprimed, a leader in the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients for the local and international industry.

Jointly with other partners, his Group is also a shareholder of Sinergium Biotech, a pharmaceutical company specializing in research, development, production and marketing of state-of-the-art vaccines and biotechnology products. Its plan formulates and packages the monoclonal antibodies manufactured at pharmADN.

Hugo Sigman en la inauguración de Sinergium Biotech, la primera planta de vacunas y productos biotecnológicos de Argentina.

Hugo Sigman at the opening of Sinergium Biotech, the first facility for the production of vaccines and biotech products in Argentina.

Los directivos Guillermo Mattioli, Abel Digilio, Silvia Gold, Alejandro Gil, Rodolfo Bellinzoni, Hugo Sigman y Oscar Muñoz durante la inauguración de Sinergium Biotech.

Executives Guillermo Mattioli, Abel Digilio, Silvia Gold, Alejandro Gil, Rodolfo Bellinzoni, Hugo Sigman and Oscar Muñoz at the opening of Sinergium Biotech. 


A tour of the production facilities at Sinergium Biotech.