Grupo Insud is born

Motivated by their entrepreneurial spirit and the diversification of their business activity, in 2010 Hugo Sigman and Silvia Gold created Grupo Insud, of which Sigman is founder, shareholder and CEO. The Group’s name stands for the values that represent all the companies comprised in the group: innovation, sustainability and development.

In Argentina, Grupo Insud is a shareholder of Laboratorios Elea – with more than 70 years of experience in pharmaceutical research and production – and Biogénesis Bagó  – which has one of the world’s leading plants for foot-and-mouth vaccine production. Both laboratories are shareholders of Sinergium Biotech,  a pharmaceutical company specializing in research, development, production and marketing of vaccines and state-of-the-art biotech products.

Hugo Sigman y Silvia Gold, Grupo Insud

Hugo Sigman and Silvia Gold, Grupo Insud. 

Public-private articulation, an encouraging paradigm

“We are faced with a new world. If we are capable of breaking the negative paradigm that existed in our country around public-private relationships and replace it with a new paradigm based on dialog, we’ll have a better, richer country, where science can transform into products of high value-added.”

Hugo Sigman, Argentine Innovation and Productive Development Seminar, UBATEC 2014.

For Hugo Sigman, public-private partnerships are a positive paradigm that should be encouraged with ethics and transparency. In his view, public research centers should give back to society part of their knowledge and development, while the private sector should recognize and compensate that contribution adequately.

Following this initiative, Hugo founded, jointly with renowned Argentine companies, the Argentine Biotechnology Chamber (CAB), of which he is chairman. The goal of CAB is to strengthen the policy of public-private collaboration in biotechnology and encourage its development in the region.

Hugo Sigman en una reunión de la CAB junto con Federico Trucco de Bioceres, Federico Rojkin de Wiener Lab, Alberto Raya Tonetti de Arcor, Carlos Dupetit de Amega Biotech, Alberto Álvarez Saavedra de Gador, Claudio Terres de Ledesma, Luis Palacios de Molinos, Mauricio Siegelchifer y Esteban Corley de pharmADN, Graciela Ciccia de Grupo Insud, Juan Bidegaray de Biosidus, Víctor Trucco de Bioceres, Miguel Acevedo de AGD, Sergio Nardelli de Vicentin, Ricardo Yapur de Rizobacter y Valentina Carricarte de Gador.

Hugo Sigman at a CAB meeting, with Federico Trucco from Bioceres, Federico Rojkin from Wiener Lab, Alberto Raya Tonetti from Arcor, Carlos Dupetit from Amega Biotech, Alberto Álvarez Saavedra from Gador, Claudio Terres from Ledesma, Luis Palacios from Molinos, Mauricio Siegelchifer and Esteban Corley from pharmADN, Graciela Ciccia from Grupo Insud, Juan Bidegaray from Biosidus, Víctor Trucco from Bioceres, Miguel Acevedo from AGD, Sergio Nardelli from Vicentin, Ricardo Yapur from Rizobacter, and Valentina Carricarte from Gador.

Furthermore, the couple has been leading for twenty years the Public-Private Consortium for Research and Development of Innovative Oncology Therapies, )  which developed the first therapeutic vaccines against non-small cell lung cancer, Racotumomab (Vaxira®),  introduced in 2013.

In the consortia supported by the Group, approximately 250 researchers work in basic and applied research, and approximately 100 professionals focus on the development of products for cancer treatment.

Inspired in the public-private cooperation model, it promotes partnerships with prestigious institutions including Universidad de Buenos Aires, Universidad Nacional de Quilmes,  Universidad Nacional de San MartínHospital Roffo , Hospital Garrahan,  Academia Nacional de Medicina and numerous foreign universities.

Steen Riisgaard, presidente y CEO de Novozymes, y el Dr. Hugo Sigman, Presidente y CEO de Grupo Insud, en la Conferencia de las Naciones Unidas sobre Comercio y Desarrollo (UNCTAD) a donde fue invitado en el 2012 a exponer su experiencia positiva con el paradigma público privado

Steen Riisgaard, President and CEO, Novozymes, and Dr. Hugo Sigman, President and CEO, Grupo Insud, at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), where Sigman was invited in 2012 to lecture on his positive experience with the public-private partnership model.