Other undertakings

“I have put off many things in life because I prioritized the company. But time has given me the opportunity to synthesize those dreams I had when I was young, and re-address them.”

Hugo Sigman

His wide range of motivations and his interest in biology led Hugo Sigman beyond the borders of the pharmaceutical industry. In 1998, he started developing farming and forestry activities in different regions of Argentina, with an emphasis on genetic improvement and sustainable production. Today, Grupo Insud’s Agribusiness area comprises Garruchos Agropecuaria (a farming and cattle-raising company), Pomera Maderas (positioned as the largest forestry company owned by Argentine shareholders), and Cabaña Los Murmullos (specializing in cattle genetics).

An art and culture enthusiast, Sigman encourages the debate of ideas through publishing company Capital Intelectual the Southern Cone edition of Le Monde Diplomatique and the Latin American edition of the prestigious New York Review of Books.

Additionally, in 2005 Hugo Sigman partnered with Oscar Kramer and they started filmmaking company Kramer & Sigman Films (K&S). At present, Sigman is a successful producer, with a portfolio of acclaimed movies, including Kamchatka, The DogThe Last ElvisSeventh Floor  and successful Wild Tales, among others.

Hugo Sigman junto con el Premio Nobel de Literatura José Saramago, quien publicó para la editorial de Grupo Insud, Capital Intelectual

Hugo Sigman and Nobel Laureate José Saramago, one of the authors published by Grupo Insud’s publishing house, Capital Intelectual.

hugo sigman-grupo insud-reunión-cab

Hugo Sigman was one of the producers of “Seventh Floor”, starring Ricardo Darín and Belén Rueda.

hugo-sigman-grupo-insud- dias-de-pesca

Hugo Sigman, Carlos Sorin and Matias Mosteirin, from Kramer & Sigman Films, at the avant-premiere of Gone Fishing. 

Transforming reality

Hugo and Silvia have always aspired to give back to society. This social responsibility mission is evidenced in their work with Fundación Mundo Sano, (http://www.mundosano.org/) devoted to research, prevention and treatment of neglected tropical diseases including Chagas, dengue fever, leishmaniasis and various soil-transmitted helminthes. Their goal is to create treatment models that can be replicable, scalable and transferrable to the affected populations.

Learnings to share:

  • A company that wants to succeed needs to be innovative.
  • With time, I understood that human resourcesare more important than corporate structure.
  • You cannot separate your values as an individualfrom your business values.
  • Believe in intuition and take certain risks.
  • Learn from threats, taking them as opportunities– do not deny their existence, and improve what you do.
  • Have a commitment to public-private articulationand develop collaboration consortia to leverage synergy, and capitalize knowledge and skills.
  • Customer trustis a key asset.
  • Work with pleasure.
  • Don’t forget your dreams.
  • Give back to society.