“La Cordillera”, the chosen film by the argentines

“La Cordillera“, the film produced by K & S Films – Grupo Insud – and starring Ricardo Darín, was the most chosen film by the Argentine public since its premiere last Thursday. After a very successful passage through Cannes, the premiere of “La Cordillera“, the third production of Santiago Mitre, was seen in its first […]

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La Nación 17/08

La cordillera: the paths of power, narrated with mastery between the unconscious and the philosophy For María Fernanda Mugica

As happened in El Estudiante and in another sense in La Patota, previous films by Santiago Miter, La Cordillera is a political film, far from the pamphlet. The director seems to be focused on observing and studying the philosophy and ethics of power rather than making a definitive statement. And it does so by portraying […]

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Rolling Stone 16/08

La cordillera: an ambitious story that grows on the dark side of power

In his third feature film, “La cordillera”, director Santiago Miter hands the presidential band to Ricardo Darín and fills him with sinister fantasies The third feature film by Santiago Miter (El estudiante, La Patota) is, in many ways, his most ambitious, complex and round film. It is not easy to get involved with the presidential […]

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Primera Edición 07/08

Encouraging investment

It began the construction of the new biomass power plant that will operate in Gobernador Virasoro (Corrientes). The neighboring province got a business group –Grupo Insud–  to invest 60 million dollars of private capital in a first stage to generate energy. While in Misiones we debated about the possibilities and we are sorry that the […]

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