“La Cordillera”, the chosen film by the argentines

“La Cordillera“, the film produced by K & S Films – Grupo Insud – and starring Ricardo Darín, was the most chosen film by the Argentine public since its premiere last Thursday. After a very successful passage through Cannes, the premiere of “La Cordillera“, the third production of Santiago Mitre, was seen in its first […]

La cordillera: the paths of power, narrated with mastery between the unconscious and the philosophy

As happened in El Estudiante and in another sense in La Patota, previous films by Santiago Miter, La Cordillera is a political film, far from the pamphlet. The director seems to be focused on observing and studying the philosophy and ethics of power rather than making a definitive statement. And it does so by portraying […]

La cordillera: an ambitious story that grows on the dark side of power

In his third feature film, “La cordillera”, director Santiago Miter hands the presidential band to Ricardo Darín and fills him with sinister fantasies The third feature film by Santiago Miter (El estudiante, La Patota) is, in many ways, his most ambitious, complex and round film. It is not easy to get involved with the presidential […]

El Ángel, the new movie of Hugo Sigman

Pharmaceutical entrepreneur Hugo Sigman will come out with a new film partly funded by his producer Kramer & Sigman Films. This film is directed by Luis Ortega and began filming last week. The film based on the perhaps best known crime criminal in Argentina, Carlos Robledo Puch, will feature the young actor Lorenzo Ferro. In […]

The shooting of “El Ángel” began: the story of one of the country’s greatest murderers

The shooting of “El Ángel“, the new feature by Luis Ortega, was launched in which Lorenzo Ferro (son of Rafael Ferro) will make his debut in the movies, incarnating nothing less than Carlos Robledo Puch. Legacy of blood. What leads a “good boy” from the Olivos neighborhood to be among the darkest pages of his […]

Argentine luxury in the chicest of London summer

El Royal Ascot es la tradicional carrera de caballos con más de 300 años de historia que se destaca por los invitados de lujo y la moda. Y allí, una firma local deslumbró con una exclusiva línea de carteras confeccionadas a mano. Lujo total. Durante cinco días, el hipódromo más fashion del mundo se colma […]

Standing applause for “La Cordillera” in Cannes

Last night was presented at Cannes The mountain range, starring Dolores Fonzi, Erica Rivas and the direction of Santiago Miter. The film where Darín interprets the president of Argentina received applause standing after its projection but was criticized hard by two American means. The cast received two spectacular applause with the Debussy Room replete, one […]