Primera Edición , 07/08,

Corporate Social Responsibility

Encouraging investment

It began the construction of the new biomass power plant that will operate in Gobernador Virasoro (Corrientes). The neighboring province got a business group –Grupo Insud–  to invest 60 million dollars of private capital in a first stage to generate energy.
While in Misiones we debated about the possibilities and we are sorry that the Nation does not incorporate the projects presented to be financed with federal resources, Corrientes looked for private investors and helped them with fiscal measures to give work to correntinos to few kilometers of our province.
The work also has a peculiarity: the company Pomera, a member of the Insud Group, had been seriously damaged by a fire in its facilities in 2014. Far from closing and perhaps going elsewhere, decided to invest that millionaire to re-contribute to Virasoro.
The Insud Group comprises a group of companies with activities in different businesses and 100% national capitals. At present it is present in 37 countries. Among the companies that integrate it are: Chemo and PhamDNA (life sciences); Solantu; Hotel Puerto Valle and Yacaré Pora (nature and design); Intellectual Capital and K & S Film (information and culture); Garruchos Agropecuaria, Los Murmullos and Pomera SA (agroforestal), Mundo Sano (social responsibility).
With the 40 MW per hour of sustainable energy capacity of the new plant, it would be the largest electric generator from forest residues in the country. “It will generate half the energy that is produced today in Corrientes through power plants fueled with diesel fuel. And the development of value added in the entire forest region between Corrientes and Misiones will be stimulated. It will represent a very important productive change for the industrial development “, they emphasized from the Corrientes Government.
An example of a political decision that needs to be replicated in the red earth before continuing to think about mega dams that cause irreparable damages to the communities.