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30 promises: the Argentine entrepreneurs of 2017, according to Forbes

The specialized magazine selected new figures from the business world. How the business ideas that today are a success arose.
Forbes Argentina magazine made a selection of the 30 Promises 2017 of the Argentine business world, under the strict criteria of a jury composed by Hugo Sigman, Nicolas Szekasky, Julia Bearzi, Maximo Cavazzani, Pedro Arnt, Silvia Torres Carbonell, Fernando Moya, Ana Torrejón And Alex Milberg.
In this issue 52 of the publication, in July, the results of the survey were known, which aimed to find those entrepreneurs whose companies are on the way to change the way of doing business in the country.
Those personalities who dazzle with their ideas and projects, who manage to form the best teams and who always seem to be a step ahead of market trends.
The list:
ANDY CLAR – “New York Girls” (Marketing). Six years ago, at the request of his friends, he began writing a blog with travel tips for the Big Apple. Today she is the leader of a community of more than three million followers, who earns her almost $ 10 million.
AUGUSTO MUSTAFA – “Elepants” (Fashion). In less than two years, the famous “pajama pants” became a boom among teenagers. Today it made $ 120 million and became a brand of its own.
GASTÓN PARISIER – “Bigbox” (Retail). With the idea of offering “a different way to give away”, it anticipated one of the greatest millennial tendencies: the search for new and original experiences. Today it makes $ 130 million annually and goes for new business.
CECILIA RETEGUI – “Zolvers” (Services). Founded at the end of 2013, with a turnover of USD 1.3 million annually, Zolvers transformed the domestic services market in Latin America through technology.
ANDRÉS GOROSTIAGA and FEDERICO MANZUOLI – “Guapaletas” (Gastronomy). In 2016 they raised $ 19 million by selling ice cream; The growth is such that for this year they project that they will reach $ 60 million.
DEMARIS REYNOSO and SANTIAGO INI – “Novachem” (Science). They founded the only Argentine company dedicated to the development of active ingredients for the cosmetic industry. They export to 20 countries of America and Europe with sales for USD 3 million per year.
NAHUEL PAN – “Soccer Sites” (Media). The producer and marketer is specialized in digital media linked to football. Invoice USD 3.7 million.
ALEJANDRO MALGOR– “Xinca” (Company B). The company from Mendoza holds all the prizes for its shoes made from recycled tires. Its successful model includes online sales and billed USD 1.6 million last year.
MARTÍN CARRO and JOSÉ MOLESTINA – “Pura Frutta” (Beverages). With a market of $ 15 million, the company is exclusively dedicated to the production of natural and healthy juices for mass consumption, with the main focus of Neuquén apples.
MARTÍN AÑAZCO and DIEGO MELLER – “Jampp” (Adtech). It is a performance marketing platform to increase sales within mobile applications billing USD 40 million annually.
MELANIE WOLMAN – “The Food Market” (Agtech). In just two years, the online marketplace of small and medium-sized food locals created by Melanie Wolman and Nadia Javkin has already reached sales of $ 18 million annually.
CHARLIE PORCHETTO – “Urbanica The Hotels” (Hotels). Charlie and his partner Raúl Colmenero started out with a boutique hotel in the Belgrano neighborhood and today are the favorites of Miami Beach clients. A business that accounted for USD 7 million revenue in 2016.
RAMIRO MARRA – “Bull Market” (Finances). With annual turnover of $ 84 million, it is a broker with wealth management, research and corporate clients. It has just launched an online “supermarket of funds”, the first platform to operate with different FCI at the same time from the same account.
TOMÁS PIERUCCI – “Bluesmart” (Innovation). The first smart bag in the world was an idea of three Argentines who, from the crowding on the Indiegogo platform, started to anchor in Silicon Valley. Today its annual turnover is around US $ 10 million.
ANDRÉS BERNASCONI – “IguanaFix” (Services). With a turnover of almost USD 14 million and over 100 employees, in four years IguanaFix became the leading platform on on demand services for the home.
SANTIAGO SOSA – “Cloud Store” (Software). It facilitates to entrepreneurs and SMEs the development of their businesses in Internet. Invoice over $ 80 million.
JUAN PATRICIO PARDO – “Ewar” (Sustainability). Together with its partners Roberto Pacheco and Dolores Iavicoli, he partnered with a German engineer based in Brazil to generate biosynthetic wood made in 98% of recycled materials.
SEBASTIÁN CHAINS – “Increase” (Fintech). Understanding a problem in depth and designing the best solution was his obsession. He founded Increase, which helps merchants understand their cash flow based on credit card sales. An idea of $ 30 million annually.
DANIEL SALOMÓN – “Buying in Group” (E-Commerce). Invoice $ 250 million annually joining different SMEs to import products at a better price. It is on its way to its first round of investment: it will seek USD 8 million for 20% of the company.
JUAN F. LLAMAZARES – “Stämm” – and MATÍAS PEIRE – “GridX” (Biotechnology). GridX is a builder company that focuses its business on high-impact science-based companies. Stämm is a technological micro-factory that lowers the access barrier to high technology.
GUILLERMO CASTELLI – “Quadminds” (Internet of Things). With logistics and supply chain solutions, it invoices USD 4 million.
MARCOS LOMBARDO – “Fast and Easy” (Fintech). Its platform allows users to compare loan options available to their profile through access to amounts, fees and fees.
SEBASTIÁN STRANIERI – “Vu Security” (Cybersecurity). He founded his company in 2007 and now has offices in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico and Peru. Its annual turnover exceeds $ 35 million.
MATÍAS BADANO – “Foster Jobs” (Education). With a base of 100 thousand Argentine students, its startup proposes a change in the recruitment of talents.
MARTÍN SPINETTO – “Widow Games” (Entertainment). Faced with a supersaturated mobile video game market, his response was to focus on classic and famous table games. Invoice $ 9 million and already has more than 1.5 million downloads.
DIEGO MARTÍNEZ – “Bior” (Food). Bior bets on the so-called “intelligent feeding”. With its flagship product, Energy Bar, it raises 6.5 million.
CELESTE MEDINA and EZEQUIEL GONZÁLEZ – “ADA” (Social impact). This enterprise has already trained more than 500 women (without access to university or unemployed) in programming and software development, connecting them with job opportunities both in the same company and in other companies.
NICOLÁS ARAUJO – “Bandit” (Services). It is an online platform that links digital talent with companies in a “transparent and efficient” way. Its founder describes it like “an application similar to Tinder: they are rejected or they accept interviews”.
JAVIER GOILENBERG – “Real Trends” (E-Commerce). In less than four years the online platform designed for MercadoLibre sellers invoices USD 2 million annually.