Standing applause for “La Cordillera” in Cannes

Last night was presented at Cannes The mountain range, starring Dolores Fonzi, Erica Rivas and the direction of Santiago Miter. The film where Darín interprets the president of Argentina received applause standing after its projection but was criticized hard by two American means. The cast received two spectacular applause with the Debussy Room replete, one just got on stage and the other almost two hours later, at the end of the screening.

According to Télam, comments from the general public and international journalism were “basically positive” although some media, especially the American, rushed to criticize it, even harshly, as did the specialized Variety and Indiewire.

From the point of view of Variety the film has the style of “American cinema” and other aspects, such as the music of Alberto Iglesias and the photography of Javier Julia, the two contributions of Spain in the co-production. On the part of Indiewire, it is “a movie with significant means and nothing to say”. Variety even said that the plot is set to make a miniseries afterwards, and Screen International magazine considered that some dialogues of the character with his daughter, who is treated with hypnosis after a crisis, “are surreal” and that the director ” Does not have time for the secondary plots “and that” harms other characters “.

Other comments heard here indicate that the Argentine film could have integrated the official competitive section, in contrast to failed works that did, such as Jupiter’s Moon, Americans The Beguiled and Good Time, The Killing of Sacred Deer, South Korea The Day After.

In the new film by Santiago Miter, Ricardo Darín plays Hernán Blanco, a president of Argentina who during an international summit of leaders will find himself caught between politics and his personal life. The filming, which lasted eight weeks, toured Buenos Aires, Bariloche, Santiago de Chile and the Valle Nevado ski resort in the neighboring country. During the last weeks the multi-award-winning Spanish composer Alberto Iglesias was working on the score of the film between Madrid and London, where the recording of the music took place. In parallel, in the city of Paris, worked the color correction and these days the final sound mixing is being done.

The story, written by Miter himself and Mariano Llinás and produced by K & S Films – by Hugo Sigman – is developed during a summit of Latin American presidents in Chile, where they define the geopolitical strategies and alliances of the region. Hernán Blanco, the Argentine president, lives a political and family drama that will make him face his own demons, and must make two decisions that could change the course of his life in public and private order: on the one hand, a complicated emotional situation with your daughter; On the other, the most important political decision of his career.

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