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Forest biomass generation project

The investment of US $ 60 million was made by an alliance between Grupo Insud and Grupo Benicio, by José Cartellone.
Biomass power generation projects are moving steadily across the country. Days ago, the foundational stone was placed in the project to build a renewable electric power plant with biomass, in this case forestry, in Goiroso, Virasoro, Corrientes. The project will generate 40 MW per hour of energy in its first stage and will supply the National Interconnected System (SIN) and demand an investment of US $ 60 million.
The investment was made by an alliance between FRESA (Fuentes Renovables de Energía SA), formed by the company Pomera, of the Insud Group, and Grupo Benicio by José Cartellone.
During the presentation of the project, which was led by the governor of Corrientes, Ricardo Colombi, it was emphasized that the project will become the largest electric generator from forest residues in Argentina. Colombi also stressed that the enterprise has the support of the National and Provincial Government.
“Our main goal is to continue bringing these types of projects to the entire province of Corrientes,” emphasized Colombi.
The presentation was made at the industrial plant located at kilometer 759 of the National Route 14 and, in addition to the Corrientes governor, the intendant of Virasoro, Blanca Pintos; Representatives of the Insud Group, led by its CEO, Hugo Sigman; The president of the Benicio Group, José Cartellone and officials and representatives of the company.
For his part, Sigman stressed that the investment in the plant “will make it possible to convert the town of Corrientes into an industrial center. It will generate productive capacity, commercial exchange and qualified employment. ”
Meanwhile, José Cartellone also pondered the characteristics of the project.
The Insud Group comprises a group of companies with activities in different businesses and 100% national capitals and is currently present in 37 countries, it was reported.
The company Pomera develops forestry activities mainly in the province of Corrientes, with a heritage of 65,000 hectares in the country distributed in 45,000 hectares of forests of pine, eucalyptus, grevillea, paradise and kiri, and another 20,000 hectares in Paraguay.
During the presentation, it was also highlighted that biomass “is being consolidated as a new source of energy worldwide for its advantages: it is produced from renewable sources, is cleaner and sustainable, and allows a greater use of resources than today in Day are available and are not used productively. ”
FRESA will generate electricity from chips, sawdust and bark of pine and eucalyptus; And biomass from dry wood, forest materials that currently do not have an industrial use.
On the other hand, it was remarked that the town of Gobernador Virasoro – which has 214,000 hectares of implanted forests – is one of the most powerful in the province in terms of forestry.