“La Cordillera”, the chosen film by the argentines

La Cordillera“, the film produced by K & S Films – Grupo Insud – and starring Ricardo Darín, was the most chosen film by the Argentine public since its premiere last Thursday.
After a very successful passage through Cannes, the premiere of “La Cordillera“, the third production of Santiago Mitre, was seen in its first day by 25,707 people, and is already directed towards the 300,000 spectators, which means an excellent performance of the Film in the local rooms.
The film that follows in quantity of tickets sold is another Argentine production, “El fútbol o yo”, by director Marcos Carnevale, with Adrián Suar, Julieta Díaz and Alfredo Casero, who was seen to date by 183,184 people.
There are 39 films in total that are projected on the billboards. “Mama went on a trip” is consolidated as the most viewed Argentine production of the year, with more than one million spectators. Directed by Ariel Winograd, the comedy starring Diego Peretti and Carla Peterson had its premiere on July 6. Second, with regard to the number of spectators accumulated, is “Black Snow”, by Martin Hodara and starring Ricardo Darín, with 705,082.
And 2017 promises to continue with national high-flying premieres. Thus, in the coming months, films such as “Those who love, hate” by Alejandro Maci, with Guillermo Francella and Luisana Lopilato are expected; “The cracks of Jara”, by Nicolás Gil Lavedra, with Joaquín Furriel and Oscar Martínez; “Zama”, the awaited film by Lucrecia Martel, the most outstanding film director of the moment; And “The Last Suit”, by Pablo Solarz, with Miguel Ángel Solá, Ángela Molina and Martín Piroyansky.
K & S Films, responsible producer of some of the most emblematic films of the national industry, such as Relatos Salvajes, is currently producing “El Ángel”, a film about the life of the murderer Robledo Puch.