Clarín 20 de octubre, 2016

Hugo Sigman participó del almuerzo de CICYP

El empresario Hugo Sigman, presidente de Grupo Insud, estuvo presente en el tradicional almuerzo del Consejo Interamericano de Comercio y Producción (CICYP), que se organizó en el Hotel Alvear el 20 de octubre. El encuentro contó con el presidente Mauricio Macri como invitado de honor y la participación de dirigentes políticos, funcionarios y cerca de 500 […]

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The Founder of Chemo Group Attended the G20 Summit

Hugo Sigman, the founder of Chemo Group, attended the meeting as the chief enterprise delegate of Latin America and delivered a speech. In this forum, famous agricultural enterprises from member states of G20 were invited, international organizations such as Food and Agriculture Organization, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, the World Bank, Organization for […]

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Protein Sciences Corporation, Sinergium Biotech and Mundo Sano Announce Zika Vaccine Partnership

Silvia Gold, President of Mundo Sano Foundation said, “After more than 20 years working in the prevention of neglected diseases, and specifically the vector-transmitted ones, is also very happy to be part of this consortium opening the opportunity of having a vaccine after WHO declared an imperative need of it.” Protein Sciences Corporation (headquarters: Meriden, […]

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Comunicado de Prensa 08.03.2016

Grupo Insud company selected by WHO to co-develop a biosimilar with Utrecht University

Mabxience, Insud’s biotech company, will lead, jointly with Utrecht University’s Centre of Excellence for Affordable Biotherapeutics, the development of a biosimilar designed to treat the human respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). It is expected that the product will be available on the market at a significantly lower price than the reference medicine (Synagis®), enabling increased access […]

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