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Third Asian country for Biogenesis Bagó

After recently opening a commercial office in Shanghai and exporting vaccines to South Korea and Taiwan, the pharmaceutical company Biogenesis Bagó continues its international expansion. The company said Vietnam will become the third Asian country to export its anti-fox vaccine, made in Argentina.
This country has an area of ​​331,000 square kilometers and 93 million inhabitants, with the largest porcine stock in Southeast Asia, and the third in the world. There are about 30 million pigs a year. In addition, it has a stock of seven million cattle and approximately 1.6 million sheep and goats.
The company, which is part of the Insud Group, led by businessman Hugo Sigman, took its first step on the Asian continent in Taiwan, 20 years ago, to control an outbreak of the disease in pigs. In September last year before a health emergency in South Korea, the country’s authorities allowed the Biogenesis Bagó vaccine to enter through an emergency permit and in May 2017 after exporting 9 million doses, it was granted a license Definitive for use and commercialization.
Also, in May of this year, began to produce the FMD vaccine in China, for pigs and cattle, from its plant Yangling Jinhai Biotechnology, in partnership with the Chinese private company HILE.