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Wild Stories: Darín and Rivas resume `Scenes of conjugal life`

The play, said Darin, “facilitates a double game, that of seeing ourselves reflected and allowing us to laugh at things that maybe not a fantasy but we could never do. The pair of actors have already shared two films in recent times: one, Damián Szifrón’s multi-award-winning “Relatos Salvajes” and the other, which has not yet been released, “La Cordillera” directed by Santiego Miter. Both films produced by the multi-award-winning K & S Films, the multi-faceted and enterprising entrepreneur Hugo Sigman, CEO of Grupo Insud.
The actors Ricardo Darín and Érica Rivas will return to the tables of the Maipo Theater next Friday with a work `that facilitates a double game, affirmed Darín, the one of seeing us reflected and the one of allowing us to laugh of things that maybe not a fantasy But that we could never do.
Directed by Norma Aleandro, who co-starred and co-directed the work in 1992 with Alfredo Alcón, “Scenes of married life” will offer performances for eight weeks, Thursday to Sunday, at 20.30, in the room in Esmeralda 443.
“The play makes it possible for both Ricardo and Erica, who have such a broad record of drama to comedy, to do it in depth and tell us something as human and timeless as the story of a couple who love each other, have children, live together Without much enthusiasm, he separates, he finds himself again, he hates himself, he returns to love, “said Aleandro, 80, in dialogue with Télam.
Meanwhile, the actor said that what attracts of the work is that it is a set of seven scenes that Bergman proposed to present a conjugal conflict over 25 years, making it cross different stages, and that is where it facilitates A double game. On the one hand that of being reflected in front of a mirror, and being able to look at ourselves and on the other, to allow us to laugh at things that maybe not a fantasy but we could never do.
This new season of `Scenes of married life` places the couple Darin-Rivas together on the stage for the third time, after the presentation they offered in Mar del Plata, in the Sala Centro de Arte, in 2014, which was The premiere of the pair that previously had Valeria Bertucelli in the female role.