Research and Development

Scientific Activity: Knowledge transformed into Value

Through a public-private consortium, Hugo Sigman has led over 20 years in the Research, Development and Innovation (R&D+i) of new therapies for new types of cancer and infectious and inflammatory diseases. The initiative is focused on scientific development, and positions Argentina at the leading edge of innovative treatments.


Hugo Sigman and the Minister for Science, Lino Barañao, in a presentation of the Research Consortium

The project led by Sigman focuses on a line of innovative medicines, the such as therapeutic vaccine against lung cancer, Vaxira®. The therapy is available in Argentina and has been shown to triple the percentage of patients that live two years after application in control clinical trials. The initiative also develops, among other treatments, a molecular vaccine against breast cancer and drugs that stimulate the response of the immune system in other types of cancer.


The Research, Development and Innovation Consortium is made up by Chemo Romikin, belonging to Grupo Insud, and related company Elea, as well as public institutions including the School of Pharmacy and Biochemistry of Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA), Academia Nacional de MedicinaHospital Garrahan, UBA’s Instituto RoffoCONICET’s Instituto LANAIS-CITO and Universidad de Quilmes.


News of the launch of the therapeutic vaccine against non-small cell lung cancer, developed by the Consortium led by Hugo Sigman and Silvia Gold, hit the world’s headlines, including Vatan newspaper in Turkey. 



CNN interview with Hugo Sigman and Silvia Gold on the therapeutic vaccine against lung cancer, Racotumomab (Vaxira®), developed by the Research, Development and Innovation Consortium.